Here are some examples of campaigns I realized in the past (the majority during my Account Manger position at the digital agency Outside Line).

PR Online e/o Partnership

Exactly like Offline PR( print and broadcast) Online PR has a central role in spreading information across key target websites: it’s able to reach a broad audience as well as a highly target demographic.

It consist in securing strong editorial exposure through news, reviews, competitions and content placement with the aim of generating awareness and interest in the product/brand.
Depending on budgets, we can also look at exploring partnership opportunities with one or more key sites to reach an even wider audience.

Bloggers outreach

The direct communication with bloggers is a new and effective way of increasing buzz online.Consider bloggers as experts in their sector and “opinion leader”:  they are the ones to activate the word of mouth and  ultimately the real influencers. Subsequently the main objective is to grab their attention and interest and get them to endorse the product/brand.

Forum Communication

People nowadays make their opinion about a brand and a product also based on other people’s recommendations. There are specialized forums where people exchanges their feedback and write reviews. For this reason, monitoring discussions on forums and communities is very important, especially for newly launched products. To engage directly with the target audience, potentially interested in the product, is key to the success of any marketing campaign.

Social media campaign: Facebook Fan page

Facebook is the biggest social network all around the world with more than 14 millions of active profiles just in Italy (Jan 2010).

People of every age, profession and origin have a Facebook profile and they use it daily: this makes a key medium for every communication strategy.

Facebook allows you to create and personalize a profile and offers many ways of interacting with the audience. It can almost be said that Facebook is one of the few platforms that allows brands to communicate directly with their audiences, who choose to actively endorse them by becoming ‘fans”.

Socialmedia: Twitter channel

Twitter is part of the microblogging tools and it’s another new online communication medium, that allows direct contact with the audience, in a simple and effective way: messages are limited to140 characters.

Also this tool can help complete the digital profile of a brand or product: it can be used to create or support competitions or to monitor people’s opinions. It can function as a perfect and reactive customer service/ crisis management tool or can help launch a product on the market in a safer way.
Twitter is growing fast in Italy too (in Italian from Dec. 2009).

Full online digital consultancy

In this digital era, where communication is so advanced, having a website or blog might not necessarily be enough. An online consultancy can help you plan your next step, whether it’s the launch of a new product or simply improve your own online presence.
There are several tools at your disposal to reach out to your target audience and to make sure your consumer’s needs are also listened to. Let us help you understand your audience and communicate with it, in a more effective and impactful way.